Trip on Loire river : our approach, our values.

Our wish is to organize a natural trip to share the magical ligerian river with you.

You are welcome on a wonderful place: The Loire River and islands, classed to world heritage by UNESCO and on natura 2000 zona. natural family trip loire valley
Several animals and vegetables species are protected. With your participation to the natural organized trip by the SAS Made in Loire, you engage you to do an act of citizenship to respect this weak environment. The Loire is a place open to all: walkers, sportsmen, fishermen, natural lovers…

We are sensitive about fragility to this natural place; therefore we have preservations rules and moral obligations to never denatured and disturbed when we crossing places.

That’s why we wrote a Charter of Corporate Behavior about safe rules to know appropriate behavior to have:
– Be able to swim,
– Respect peaceful places, peoples, animals: don’t scream and have eco-responsibility behavior,
– Don’t destroyed plants
– Take your garbage away with you and dispose of it properly in containers provided for this purpose.

Download our Charter of Corporate Behavior to your natural trip in Loire Valley, signed and bring back to him for your departure.